Digital KYC – Using Blockchain Technology

Improve efficiencies:

Onboard more customers—both remote and onsite—successfully through a seamless, fast, and reliable process powered by advanced document and biometric verification.  

Accept customers from anywhere

Identify your customers. Customer information provided is confirmed and verified.

Prevent fraud from the get-go

AI-powered cross-checks make sure fraudsters can’t access your service. Realtime AML and fraud prevention performed at KYC onboarding. Customers are checked periodically and red-flagged if there are issues detected.

Increase operational efficiency

No need for error-prone manual registrations. Advanced AI and Machine Learning improves efficiencies whilst making sure the checks are accurate.

Unique – Identifier

Each person will have a unique identifier (private key) on the Blockchain linking the biometric and identification document making it difficult for someone else to falsely represent themselves with customers that have been through the DKYC process.